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jazz time

7/8/14 by sonicfan888

i have my first song now on newgrounds the song is not mine but i did put it on newgrounds the name is jazz bomb but the real name is sleep away.


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Not only that, but renaming a song? Jeez man, just take the time to learn to play music and use your own sounds/samples to create a new song.
Ripping other artists tracks and labelling them as your own, renaming them is plain dirty, and you'll quickly earn a negative reputation on Newgrounds, if not a permanent ban altogether.
I think NG regulars should keep an eye on you so this doesn't reoccur.



Why in the world would you think it was okay to post something that you didn't make on newgrounds? Newgrounds is a place for original content, not a place for you to just post music you like. We already have sites like Facebook and twitter for that kind of stuff =_=.